Water disinfection - Why?

Water disinfection - Why?

Thorough water disinfection ensures that …



With the aid of UVC lamps it is possible to …

UV Disinfection

UV Disinfection

The way UV disinfection works is …

Ozone Disinfection

Ozone Disinfection

Water disinfection by …

Projects in Africa

Projects in Africa

PURE WATER for healthy living ...

PURE UVC systems

PURE UVC systems

Ready-to-ship water disinfection for drinking water wells, swimming pools & pond systems


For disinfecting pools and drinking water.

Our PURE UVC systems


Compact UV-system with automatic energy saver









  • The system is operated with 50W, providing full disinfection for up to 40l/min
  • The power consumption is reduced automatically by 40% when no water runs for 1 minute
  • The UV-lamp is then dimmed, still offering permanent disinfectio capacity
  • As soon as water goes through the system, the power is back at 100% instantly
  • Perfect fit for the disinfection of unsteady water streams, like one family homes


NEW: Mounting for PURE D

Easy mounting for submersible UV-lamps

  • Mounting for easy installation of submersible lamps inside water tanks
  • Fixation at the top of the tank, possible as a 2 inch screwing
  • Variable depth, fittin for all shapes
  • Water reservoirs provide perfect condition for the development of germs
  • In calm waters, bacteria will settle at the walls and form a biofilm
  • A PURE D inside the tank is effectivly preventing the forming of a biofilm
  • The new developed mounting offeres an easy installation of the PURE D

PURE 1.0

Compact system for small drinking water applications and whirlpools

  • Equipped with 16W for total sanitization of 5l/min
  • Connections in 1/2 inch
  • 230VAC or 24VDC
  • Ideal for caravans, the sink in the gazebo and whirlpools

PURE 1.2

Our bestseller for germ-free drinking water in single-family homes and wells

  • Equipped with 21W or 50W for total sanitization of 18l/min, 40l/min resp.
  • Connections in 1 or 2 inch
  • 230VAC or 24VDC
  • Ideal one family houses



PURE 2.4

Variable system for large drinking water treatment and for use in pools and ponds

  • Multiple power levels between 40W and 240W
  • Complete sterilization of up to 12m³/h
  • 3 water connections in 2 inches
  • 230VAC or 24VDC (40W)
  • Strong performance against algae formation and germs


PURE G 2.0

Clean drinking water with UV and activated carbon filter

  • Equipped with 16W and two cartridge filters (sediment & activated carbon)
  • Complete sterilization of 5l/min
  • Connections in 1/2 inch
  • 230VAC or 24VDC
  • Ideal for use under the kitchen sink and caravans


Combination of UVC and ozone - double the power for pools and ponds

  • Models from 41W to 150W
  • Suitable for pools with a volume of 25m³ to 150m³
  • 3 water connections in 2 inches
  • 230VAC or 24VDC (41W)
  • Clear pool water with minimal use of chlorine
  • Ideally suited to high biological loads

PURE D-Tank mounting

Submersible UV-lamps for constant disinfection of water tanks

  • Broad range of configurations
  • From 16W to 300W
  • With one or multiple lamps
  • Including mounting with variable lenght
  • Installed at the topside of the tank or fully submersed inside

PURE sales partners

More information about our UVC systems

 ULTRA V – UVC systems

ULTRA V – UVC systems

Order-specific water disinfection for cooling technology, the food industry, sewage treatment plants, drinking water treatment

Service UVC-systems

Service UVC-systems

Support for installation & mainentance

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