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PURE UVC systems

Ready-to-ship water disinfection for drinking water wells, swimming pools & pond systems

ULTRA V – UVC systems

Order-specific water disinfection for cooling technology, the food industry, sewage treatment plants, drinking water treatment


Needs-based solutions for industrial water disinfection.

ULTRA V offers water disinfection for industrial standards:

- Cooling systems and cooling towers
- Germ-free production in the food industry
- Irrigation systems without bacteria, viruses, algae
- Disinfection stage in sewage treatment plants
- Fish and livestock farming
- Drinking water treatment



Designs: Flow-through system with one or more stainless steel reactors, with additional ozone generation if required; or as immersion blaster, fully or partially immersed.

Range of performance: 16 - 1200 W for complete disinfection (99.99%) from 0.3 - 100m³/h

Price range: 600 bis 16.000 EUR


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​UST is specialised in implementing individual specifications,

especially for UVC/ozone performance, design and water connections, as well as combination with various filter systems.

The artificially generated UV radiation (254 nm) in the units is effective in combating all bacteria (e.g. Legionella, E.Coli, Pseudomonas), viruses, algae and other micro-organisms. The radiation, acting safely in the reactor, destroys the DNA of the micro-organisms and thus stops their reproduction.

If necessary, the UV radiation can be intensified by ozone. The oxygen in the ambient air is the starting material for the ozone generated in the system. A special UV emitter is used for the production, which is additionally optimised to 185 nm.

UV and ozone compete with chemical disinfection methods (biocide).


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Advantages of ULTRA V systems compared to biocide:

  • Simple handling (dosing is not necessary because overdosing is not possible; storage and handling of hazardous substances is not necessary),
  • Environmental compatibility (no chemical substances enter the waste water)
  • Above all, however, the operating costs are significantly lower because there is no regular consumption of biocide


is usually integrated as a retrofit in existing cooling circuits, UST offers experience and flexibility with this and can thus develop practicable solutions for any challenges.

Contact us (link contact form) for the creation of a custom-fit solution.


All solutions are developed in a task-specific manner

The professional contact persons are:

- Handelsvertretung Bergen, West Germany
Specialist area: Food industry |www.hv-bergen.de
- Handelsvertretung Gerger, North Baden, Palatinate, Saarland, Luxembourg
Specialist area: Sanitary | https://gerger-gmbh.de/
- Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Schäfer, +49-170-2909789 | ralf.schaeferpr[a]prust-gerapr.prde



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