Water disinfection - Why?

Thorough water disinfection ensures that …


Bacteria and germs in drinking water are highly threatening to all users.

Thorough water disinfection ensures that pathogens such as legionella or coli bacteria are killed. Bacteria or germs in drinking water are often underestimated. The danger they pose is enormous. Only careful water disinfection ensures the safety of drinking water. The diversity of pathogens is high. Among the germs in drinking water, some are considered particularly persistent. If you come into contact with germs through drinking water, this can lead to serious illness or even death. Especially in hot summer days, pathogens such as legionella multiply rapidly. The risk of infection by germs is increased, especially in warm holiday regions. In such instances, one should pay particular attention and inquire whether continuous water disinfection is carried out.

Bacteria, germs and other pathogens in drinking water

Moist germs multiply particularly well in water. In addition to legionella, the best known are pseudomonads, coli bacteria and enterococci. Legionella are rod-shaped bacteria that mainly multiply in hot water systems. These drinking water germs feel most comfortable at water temperatures of 20 to 50 degrees Celsius. Pseudomonads are cold water germs. These are mainly found in stagnant water, older piping systems or weakly flowing pipelines. Coli bacteria and enterococci are intestinal pathogens that are very dangerous to human health in high concentrations. With all germs in drinking water, there is an increased risk for immunocompromised people as well as children and babies.

Carrying out water disinfection

Water disinfection should not be carried out only in an emergency. Whether in private households or in public institutions: A test by water sampling should be used regularly. This provides information about the quality of your drinking or service water. Prevent diseases caused by germs in drinking water. It is also advisable for companies with high water consumption to carry out permanent water disinfection.

Water disinfection in Gera

We will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding water disinfection, drinking water hygiene and much more. With our many years of experience, we are the perfect partner for all tasks relating to water disinfection in Gera, but also internationally. We will be happy to provide you with advice and explain why water disinfection is necessary.


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